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Q is omnipotent (read godmodey) in his canon, but in Poly his abilities are already somewhat restrained. Check out his abilities section here for more information. That said, I wanted to just give everyone the option, should they desire it, to opt out of his using his power on them, whether for IC or OOC reasons. No explanations necessary, either drop a comment below to let me know, or use my DW inbox.

Also feel free to drop any OOC remarks here if you need to remind me of tags, want me to tag into something specific, or just ask a quick question about anything at all. I also have an HMD for more serious concerns.
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Apparent age: 40s
Height: 6'4"
Species: Q
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

[character history / background]: Q - the entity

Q - the species

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IC Contact

Nov. 26th, 2013 09:24 pm
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Hello? Hello? How am I supposed to know if this thing is working or not? Oh, who cares. Leave a message, or whatever it is you people like to do, and I'll decide whether or not you're worth the effort of my calling you back. Au revoir~

Oh great. Now which button do I press?

[ Beep. ]
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Q is very mercurial, hard work, and keeping in mind every facet of him is almost a full time job. Please feel more than welcome to use this to reflect on my playing, ask questions or offer advice. Comments screened, anonymous on, and ip logging off. Genuine criticism, even given anonymously, will be unscreened. Thank you.


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